New Archetypal Moonphase Automated Frédérique Connected Replica Watches

The new Archetypal Moonphase Automated captures Frédérique Constant’s adulation of archetypal and adult swiss replica watches. The Swiss cast has apparent three models from its acclaimed accumulating for the aboriginal time.

Frédérique Connected has alien the latest pieces from one of its brilliant collections, the Archetypal Moonphase Automatic. The assiduous detail, abstracts and technology acclimated by Frédérique Connected accord the around-the-clock ambit the superior and archetypal appearance so baby to the brand’s fans. Frédérique Connected is accurate to its eyes of authoritative top superior and affordable cheap replica watches.

The Archetypal Moonphase Automated epitomises these values. 2016 is the aboriginal time that three models accept been apparent in a 40mm case: one in chicken gold-plated steel, one in stainless animate with a covering band and one absolutely in stainless steel. There’s something for everyone.

The self-winding FC-330 calibre in the new watches fuels the hours, minutes, abnormal and date with duke on the argent punch adorned with Clous de Paris engraving, atramentous Roman numerals and archetypal Breguet hands. The date appears in a adverse and the moon appearance lies in an busy affectation at 6. Flip the fake watch uk over to boring at the busy movement through the cellophane back. The band comes in black, amber or dejected covering or steel.

Frédérique Connected is acclaimed for getting complex in every date of the watchmaking action from antecedent architecture to final accumulation and superior control. Back its foundation in 1988, Frédérique Connected has designed, fabricated and accumulated its calibres centralized and boasts a accumulating of 21 altered movements created back 2004. Every watch is hand-assembled application avant-garde accessories and goes through absolute checks to ensure the watches’ superior and longevity.

Throwback Thursday: Replica Rolex GMT Master Bakelite

When it comes to GMT Master’s none are as desirable as the ref. 6542, the very first swiss Rolex ever issued of this model. Designed to be the watch of choice for Pan-Am pilots, the GMT Master became the benchmark when it comes to two-timezone replica watches. A title that it still as true today as it was when the fake watch was launched in 1954. Despite being the first, what mainly sets it apart from later versions of this model is the bakelite bezel. The numerals inside the bezel are actually filled in with Radium. The thought behind it is that even in low-light conditions you could easily check the time in both time-zones. While this must have looked amazing when these replica watches were first issued, it was also a cause for trouble. Bakelite is by itself already quite brittle, and combined with the radioactivity of the Radium made it that replica Rolex discontinued this bezel quite quickly.


Especially after more than 60 years, GMT Masters Ref. 6542 that still have the original bakelite bezel are very rare. What makes them even rarer is when the bezel is still in great shape and shows a very attractive discoloration like this GMT Master does. This is an unusual occurrence that watch collectors refer to as “tropical”.


Now there are tropical watches and Tropical watches. The one on this GMT-Master is clearly of the latter category, showing a beautiful, even discoloration of both the dial and the bezel in a deep terracotta hue. It goes into the direction of the Root Beer GMT Master; only this watch has more of a red tone in the dial. Unique is also that the half of the bezel that was originally red turned to the same color as the originally black dial! Discoloration like this is very rare, and although this reference by itself is already quite a challenge to find in such a remarkable good condition, the dial and bezel on this particular GMT Master make it a unique piece.


This is also exactly the reason why Rolex with tropical dials commands such premiums over the same model with a regular dial. They are rare, unique, and add an extra layer of character to an already charismatic watch.

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Casio G-Shock Master Of G Gulfmaster GWNQ1000-1A Watch On Calmly Review

The Casio G-Shock “Master of G” Gulfmaster accumulating is altered for a few absorbing reasons. Arrangement of a dive watch, and arrangement of a hardcore marine-themed watch, what added separates the Gulfmaster accumulating from added G-Shock models is in fact how they look. Afore traveling added into this Casio G-Shock Master Of G Gulfmaster GWNQ1000-1A advertence replica watch uk, let’s allocution a bit about what the high degree of G-Shock watches is all about.

Relógio masculino casio

Casio G-Shock admirers tend to activate their accession attraction with almost arrangement models about costing beneath $200. Abounding break there, but the adventurous ones who absolutely acknowledge the ability of what a G-Shock watch can do eventually commence on the alluring alley of what I’ll anxiety “high-end G-Shock.” To abounding alive professionals or austere chance seekers, these higher-end G-Shock watches represent “the absolute watch.” Compared to a high-end Swiss anxiety they are a arrangement – abnormally accustomed the Premium Production Band (PPL) “lab” area they are accumulated in Japan (which we discussed in detail in our appointment to the G-Shock address in Japan here). With that said, abounding of these bigger models admission the $1,000 amount tag or beat it.


The a lot of high-end G-Shock models abide in the MR-G collection, which sits appropriate aloft the hardly added attainable MT-G collection. Anniversary of these accept all-metal structures, with MR-G models about getting in titanium. Appropriate beneath MR-G and MT-G accumulating watches is the “Master of G” G-Shock accumulating which includes such archetypal families as the Frogman, Mudmaster, Gravitymaster, and the Gulfmaster. To accomplish things added circuitous is that anniversary of these sub-collections beneath Master of G accept a ambit of abnormally priced best replica watches online models. The bigger ones accept some absolutely outstanding features, bigger materials, and are fabricated in Japan (versus in Thailand area abounding added Casio articles are assembled).

The Casio G-Shock Master Of G Gulfmaster GWNQ1000-1A is currently at the top of the Gulfmaster ladder and is both the aboriginal Gulfmaster watch to action a azure clear as able-bodied as a “quad sensor” array. It aswell happens to be ideal for humans who adulation G-Shock watches but aswell like analog dials. The ample white calmly and hour markers action accomplished adverse and accomplish for above legibility. Of course, the calmly and hour markers accept activated luminant, but the punch aswell appearance bifold LED lights (one for the awning and one to brighten the dial) for accomplished black visibility.

What are the cloister sensors all about? Starting a few years ago, Casio began to drift its “triple sensor” technology from Pro Trek models to G-Shock models. In a funny way, this move arrangement of fabricated the Pro Trek accumulating a bit redundant, even admitting I feel they still accept a lot of value. These sensors included a compass, barometer/altimeter (they use the aforementioned sensor but altered math), and a thermometer. The Casio G-Shock Master Of G Gulfmaster GWNQ1000-1A adds a abyss beat to the mix, which explains the “quad sensor” designation.


Thematically, it is harder to altogether explain what exact purpose the Gulfmaster is meant to fulfill. As you can see (and will be added explained), it combines functions from a alternation of models. One way to attending at it is as a hardly added able dive watch, just after as abounding appearance as the latest G-Shock Frogman GWF-D1000, for instance, and with an ana-digi against all-digital dial. Attending at Casio’s promotional images and you’ll see that they had assorted alive professionals in apperception who do things like plan on oil rigs, aggressive or law administration boats, or added professionals who plan mostly on top of water, and sometimes in the baptize as well.

As a dive watch, the Casio G-Shock Master of G Gulfmaster GWNQ1000 is baptize aggressive to 200 meters. The band is calmly continued abundant to go over a lot of dive suits, but if you wish a absolutely continued band again the Frogman is the way to go. Attending on the base of the watch and you’ll see three vertical slits which is area baptize is meant to admission to admission the abyss beat sensor. The watch can admeasurement abyss down to 50 meters, and does so in 0.1-meter increments. It aswell has some logging appearance (from the endure 40 dives) which cover dive times, date, and of cheap replica watches advance the best depth.

In accession to the abyss meter, the watch has added advantageous appearance for humans diving or getting about water. These cover the barometric burden barometer for barometer weather, which has a air-conditioned automated anxiety that beeps if the burden is ascent or falling rapidly; a moon appearance (age) indicator; and a neat-looking course graph of swiss replica watches. In the past, some humans accept asked me how to set the course graph, and its appealing simple and handy, actually. If ambience the time, you baddest your city-limits (which is a bit added assorted than the accepted 24 time zones), and from there you baddest the about breadth of area you are.

Cartier Courts Young Men With Luxury Replica Watches

Luxury Replica WatchesIt is “everything you want and nothing that you don’t,” read a review in Hodinkee about the new Drive de Cartier Extra-Flat, an elegant retro-style timepiece that was a breakout star of the recent Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie watch show in Geneva. “Laying eyes on it will inevitably lead to your reaching out to put it on your wrist,” enthused Revolution, a watch magazine. “Our prayers have been answered,” read another site, Monochrome.

Venha ser revendedora marykay e faça parte do mundo da beleza e sofisticação.

Fresh off the release of its sporty Drive de Cartier last year, and the streamlined Extra-Flat version this year, Cartier seems to be having a moment.

The august Parisian jeweler long associated with Art Deco elegance and money-is-no-object opulence, particularly for well-heeled women (hey, Cartier is name-checked by Marilyn Monroe in “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”), has become an unlikely darling of the young male watch-geek set, whose tastes typically run to brawny dive replica watches by Rolex and Omega.

To put things in automotive terms, it is as if Rolls-Royce were suddenly trop chic among the Land Rover crowd.

“The Drive manages to capture the X-factor their other replica watches were lacking, while still looking distinctly replica Cartier,” said Zach Weiss, 32, the executive editor of the watch site Worn & Wound, which caters to stylish young men.

“It’s not a betrayal of their image or a shift in branding; rather, it’s the brand creating a product for the tastes of a newer, younger market,” Mr. Weiss added. “The cushion-cased design has the reserved but glamorous notes that are quintessentially Cartier, but with a bolder, more aggressive posture. It’s stylish, masculine and tasteful. It’s a fake watch you would imagine Ralph Lauren happily including in his line.”

Cartier is hardly an afterthought in the world of fine timepieces. The venerable French maison, which is owned by the Richemont luxury group and manufactures its watches in Switzerland, has typically been listed as either the second- or third-biggest Swiss replica watch brand in terms of sales, alongside Omega, behind Rolex.

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Indeed, Cartier has been churning out timepieces since World War I, when it introduced the Tank, with its design cues borrowed from the Renault army tank. Seven decades later, Gordon Gekko advertised his Master of the Universe standing by wearing an 18-karat gold Santos de Cartier Galbée in “Wall Street.”

Even so, Cartier was not necessarily the first brand opted for by young men wearing untucked oxford shirts carrying Filson bags, particularly since many of its classic models, including the Tank and the Santos — even those in men’s sizes — have become must-haves for female Wall Streeters and fashion editors.

“Despite being undeniably sophisticated, they lack the cool factor found in Speedmasters, Submariners and Carreras,” said Mr. Weiss, referring to classic macho sports replica watches by Omega, Rolex and Tag Heuer, respectively.

But that no longer seems to be the case. The brand made a new commitment to haute horlogerie starting in 2008 with the introduction of the Ballon Bleu Flying Tourbillon housing Cartier’s first in-house movement, also its first caliber to bear the prestigious Geneva Seal denoting high craftsmanship.

Cartier has continued to push the envelope with ultra-high-end watches for collectors such as the Rotonde De Cartier Minute Repeater Mysterious Double Tourbillon, priced at $450,000, which was released at S.I.H.H. in January.

Not all of Cartier’s six-figure museum pieces hit their mark, said Ariel Adams, the editor of aBlogtoWatch, but their evident ambition led to a “halo effect,” leaving a “positive impression on watch lovers who see cheap Cartier’s $8,000 replica watches in a new light.”

To some young watch aficionados, however, Cartier should not require a formal introduction to the next generation.

“It’s easy to forget that swiss Cartier was arguably the most important design house of the 20th century,” said Stephen Pulvirent, Hodinkee’s managing editor. “When people talk about replica Cartier ‘getting into replica watches,’ they don’t know what they’re talking about. Sure, Cartier has to do some work to win over the segment of male collectors who typically flock to the likes of Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe, but there’s a pretty steady stream of awesome and popular Cartier replica watches going right back to the original Santos.”

“After all,” he added, “there is a lot more out there than just chunky black dive watches.”

Hands-On ForMeisterbund I Watch Of Sinn 6200 With UWD Movement

As a bound copy of just 55 pieces, this Sinn 6200 Meisterbund I bound copy watch (debuted here) is traveling to be rather attenuate – but at the aforementioned time, it should aswell be a assurance of things to come, as this is the aboriginal watch appear by Sinn with an absolute new UWD movement. Sinn is based in Frankfurt and formed carefully with UWD (Uhren-Werke-Dresden) in Dresden to advance the ability UWD 33.1 automated movement that you see central of the Sinn 6200 Meisterbund I watch. It is a absolute adorableness and feels like a appropriate amount for the money. Who is abaft UWD? None added than Marco Lang of Lang & Heyne watches, that produces actual accomplished and acceptable German replica watches.

According to Marco Lang, he and his ally were agog to accessible up a absolute German watch accomplish whose ambition was to do appropriate watch projects for added brands. Until UWD opened up, as far as I know, there were no above players in Germany who were in the business of bearing movements for others. Apparently, Sinn is their aboriginal above applicant and helped them to get to the point area they are now. Sinn aswell allegedly formed carefully with them on the architectonics of the UWD 33.1 movement which has an incredible-looking design, even if it is a basal manually anguish time-only movement.


What absolutely strikes me about the UWD 33.1 movement is both the architectonics of the movement as able-bodied as the finishing. There is a aggregate of hand- and machine-finishing, it seems, and the accurate appearance and superior is absolutely captivating, I accept to admit. The movement plates are produced from nickel argent (and not brass), and the antithesis caster is advised with weights (similar to screws) which acquiesce for absolute tweaking by a watchmaker.

Apparently the architectonics of the abject is altered and UWD calls it a “flying bounce barrel.” It has 55 hours of ability assets while the movement operates at 3Hz (21,600bph). There is a hacking abnormal affection and the movement indicates just the time with a accessory abnormal dial. It is absolutely a great-looking movement and absolutely a highlight of the watch.

The Sinn 6200 Meisterbund I watch itself (there will acutely be a Meisterbund II) comes in an 18k rose gold case that is 40mm advanced and 9.3mm thick. The case is produced in Glashütte by the acclaimed German watch case maker SUG (Sachsische Uhrentechnologie GmbH Glashütte). You can see the SUG branding on the case amid the lower logs. “Meisterbund” refers to a affiliation amid a few “master” entities, and it is appropriately applicable that the Sinn 6200 Meisterbund I watch has Sinn, SUG, and UWD branding on assorted locations of it. The absolute point for Sinn was to aftermath a high-end collector’s watch that celebrates some of the best of German watchmaking (that isn’t necessarily priced at A. Lange & Söhne levels).

The punch architectonics itself is not absolutely new, but rather is taken from Sinn 6110 ancestors watches. The punch itself has some ablaze apparatus guilloche-engraved-style adornment and some activated hour markers. Appearance is bourgeois and traditional, even admitting I am not abiding Sinn emulated a specific archetypal alarm for the design. I would like to see the UWD 33.1 (or added new movements like it) in sportier Sinn watches in accession to this dressier book that is nice, but not what abounding collectors accessory with Sinn (a mostly “tool watch” brand). Moreover, the 6110 is a atom of the amount of the Sinn 6200 Meisterbund I and contains a abject Swiss UNITAS movement, and not something adorned like the UWD 33.1. Nothing per se amiss with that, and the Sinn 6200 Meisterbund I does accept a bigger case that is in gold, but I anticipate that I would accept admired added beheld acumen in the watch back it does highlight a actual appropriate movement.

Recall that compared to added “collaborative” Swiss watches that use locations and elements from altered suppliers, this German Sinn is abundant added “open” about the relationships it has with “partner” companies. The Swiss watch industry is about apparent by extreme, about absurd clandestineness in abounding instances in their afterward of aggravating to arm-twist the angle that “we did it all by ourselves.” Usually that is artlessly a business fairytale, and the absoluteness of a lot of high-end watches is that they are built-in of an able accord amid a alternation of specialist ally who anniversary appear calm to action what they do best. Why this actuality is generally abandoned is above me at times (though, admittedly, I’ve never been in the role of a Swiss watch cast CEO). With that said, it feels acceptable that at atomic in some circles such as Sinn/SUG/UWD the accent of the accord and anniversary aggregation bringing its best to the table is allotment of the amount proposition, not a bearings they are aggravating to put a blind over.


It is difficult to brainstorm what is next for Sinn if it comes to bearing these added absolute German-made movements either abandoned or with companies like UWD. Their adapted Swiss movements accept served actual able-bodied in a ample ambit of fake swiss watches their apparatus watches, and bearing added absorbing centralized movements will access beneficiary appeal, but aswell price. Sinn would added be afterward in a trend of added German watchmakers (like Tutima, for example) who are aggravating to about-face from application sourced to centralized movements. In Tutima’s case, they accept confused to centralized movements about entirely, even admitting they abide to use some sourced movements.

Sinn would be childish to lose their abject of admirers who adulation their rock-solid apparatus watches such as their abounding defined and pilot models that, as able-bodied as getting well-made, are not insultingly priced. What I anticipate will appear is artlessly added cast amplification as their ambit of articles increases, and items like the Meisterbund watches will be an advancing but actual baby allotment of what Sinn releases anniversary year. The acceptable account is that Sinn is captivated in a actual top attention by watch lovers about the world. The problem, however, that can appear with this success is bound getting able to lose afterimage of what fabricated them accepted with their amount fan abject in the aboriginal place. For now, Sinn is in a abundant position, and I feel that anyone could own both one of their military-style watches and something the like cheap replica watches uk Sinn 6200 Meisterbund I and be altogether blessed with each.

While the Sinn 6200 Meisterbund I watch is added than absolutely premium-priced for a Sinn product, demography calm the movement and the gold case, it isn’t awfully priced at all. I animate humans to analysis out the admirable movement and yield apprehension of what the Meisterbund II is all about, as I accept a activity the 55 pieces in this bound copy could be gone actual soon.

Zenith Ancestry Cronometro Tipo Pilot Alarm Watch Hands-On

At Baselworld 2016, I had a bastard aiguille at this new bound copy Zenith Ancestry Cronometro Tipo CP-2 watch that is based on a set of 2,500 timepieces Zenith fabricated for the Italian aggressive via a bounded benefactor accepted as A. Cairelli in the 1960s. This accurate appearance of aggressive alarm pilot cheap swiss watch was a architecture not different to Zenith, and in contempo years a agnate archetypal produced by Heuer – Leonidas from the aforementioned era has been on a lot of people’s minds. I’ll get to that in a moment.


While the vintage-reissue watch trend is thankfully slowing down a bit, that doesn’t beggarly there aren’t still a lot of acceptable acquaint from the accomplished that can be acclimated to actualize delights for watch collectors today. With this 1,000-piece bound edition, solid value, and acceptable looks, I anticipate the Zenith Ancestry Cronometro Tipo CP-2 is traveling to be absolutely popular.

Heuer-BundeswehrThe Heuer watch I am apropos to is accepted as the Heuer Bundeswehr 1550SG Flyback Chronograph, and I’ve apparent them in assorted altitude about the world. There are a amount of variations of this accumulating of watches out there, and their prices can alter from a few thousand to about $10,000 depending on the action and rarity. In accession to alms abstaining acceptable looks, one of the affidavit these military-style pilot watches are accepted is their size. Unlike abounding best watches which abrasion absolutely baby for today’s tastes, the aboriginal Cronometro Tipo CP-2 as able-bodied as the Heuer – Leonidas Bundeswehr had cases which are 43mm wide, with a nice-looking alternating timing bezel. That agency this set of watches is a part of the few best replica watches action watches that abrasion like avant-garde watches.

The new bound copy Zenith Ancestry Cronometro Tipo CP-2 is aswell 43mm wide, 12.85mm blubbery and comes in a able animate case with a legible, sober-looking best pilot watch punch complete with bi-compax 30-minute chronograph. The bezel admit looks to be aluminum, and over the punch is an AR-coated azure crystal. There aren’t too abounding watches that attending like this awash today, but you can of advance get some out there from brands such as Sinn, Dodane, etc. Zenith adds its accepted akin of clarification and some flair, authoritative this one of my top choices out there. The punch architecture is aswell actual elegant. I array of see this as a “budget” Breguet Type XXI accustomed the all-embracing activity on the wrist as able-bodied as the architecture of the numerals. Both the watches accept a agnate architecture affair heritage.

At 43mm advanced (water aggressive to 100 meters), the Zenith Ancestry Cronometro Tipo CP-2 isn’t actual blubbery so it wears absolutely well, to be honest. Inside the watch is, of course, an automated in-house-made Zenith El Primero ability 4069 automated cavalcade caster alarm movement which operates at 5Hz (36,000bph) with 50 hours of ability reserve. Obsessive collectors will additionally acknowledge Zenith for abnegation from agreement a date window on the punch – which is in fact absolutely harder to acquisition on a Zenith timepiece.

This watch is “for the boys,” in the faculty that it isn’t blatant or showy, but rather complete and handsome in its masculinity. While there are a lot of options at this amount point, I anticipate abundant humans will see the amount in a watch like this which comes from a affluence brand, but is a lot added attenuate in its appeal. Some humans ability say that a watch like this is for humans who both wish to back a bourgeois style, but still arm-twist a aplomb and advancement of an alive lifestyle. As is the case with abounding avant-garde bound copy watches, what can aswell arise is that this swiss replica watch archetypal is not gobbled up immediately, but alone in the advancing years becomes accepted afterwards added humans ascertain it, and beneath of them are accessible on the market.


I, for one, am aflame about this Zenith Ancestry Cronometro Tipo CP-2 watch, abnormally in the ambience of the Zenith cast which, in my opinion, excels the a lot of if bearing watches like this which are apparatus watch in spirit, but with a high-end activity that campaign able-bodied in added affected circles. Take it alfresco to get dirty, and apple-pie it up if absent to arise a bit added formal. Why all the altercation on style? Well, if authoritative a acquirement accommodation about a watch like this, that is a lot of of what humans consider. The adventure of the aboriginal getting for the Italian military, the vintage-style designation, and accompanying attributes are calmly accessory to the artful and appearance amount of a alarm such as the fake watch uk Zenith Ancestry Cronometro Tipo CP-2.

Zenith offers the watch on either a atramentous calfskin with rubber- lining band or a with the advertence 27.00.2218.774steel armlet (no pictures of the armlet yet but it should be air-conditioned looking). Accessible in November 2016, the Zenith Ancestry Cronometro Tipo CP-2 advertence 03.2240.4069 (03.2240.4069/21.C774) watch is a bound copy of 1,000 pieces and has a amount of $7,700 USD or £6,200.

5 Pilots’ replica Watches and Aviation-Inspired Watches from Baselworld 2017

As we approach Father’s Day, we continue our series of features on memorable
replica watches from Baselworld 2017, in a number of popular categories, with a look at five high-flying timepieces aimed at professional aviators and historical aviation enthusiasts.

The Alpina Startimer Pilot Automatic, a vintage-inspired piece launched in 2011, was relaunched this year with a new dial design, additional case options, and very affordable price tags. The replica watches’ 44-mm cases have a simple and sturdy design, equipped with an oversized crown typical of today’s pilot watch designs and a solid caseback featuring an engraved Alpina logo. Depending on the dial color option, each watch will come on either a black, dark blue, or brown leather strap. On their dials, the watches outlet have an outer minute track with the Alpina red triangle at the 12 o’clock position, along with applied Arabic numerals broken up with rectangular markers at each of the quarter hours. The hour and minute hands have a distinctive, curved design, while the simple red seconds counter again features the brand’s logo as its counterweight. There’s a subtle, integrated date window at the 3 o’clock position that is hardly noticeable upon first glance — a useful feature that helps maintain the aesthetic focus on the rest of the dial. Inside the watch is the automatic caliber AL-525, based on the Sellita SW 200, which holds a 38-hour power reserve and features special finishing by Alpina. Best of all for cash-strapped watch enthusiasts, Alpina has made it clear that none of the prices on any of the new models will exceed 900 euros, or about $975 — which is down from the already very accessible $1,500 on previous Startimer Pilot models. Click here for more info and dial color options.


Continuing the brand’s tradition of aviation-influenced designs, the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Horolum takes its cues not only from the dashboard instruments that a pilot consults while in flight, but also from the bright lights that he sees when he’s coming in for a landing. Its dashboard-clock dial has a Super-LumiNova coating that glows in the same intense green color as the lights on airport runways (hence the name “Hora” plus “Lum,” short for “Lumen” or light). The 42-mm bead-blasted steel case is reminiscent of those used in the brand’s early BR-01 models. The dial — made of micro-blasted brass-rhodium that makes it homogenous with the case — is made of two superimposed metal plates, with cutaway numerals and indices on the gray upper plate and green-tinted, long-lasting Super-LumiNova C3 coating covering the lower plate. In this “sandwich” construction — favored by brands such as Panerai — the luminescence shines through the cutouts for a brilliant glow and easy nighttime legibility. Green Super-LumiNova is also used on the hands, and the calfskin leather strap, with stainless steel pin buckle, is in a gray-green color. The BR 03-92 Horolum is also outfitted with the Sellita-based, self-winding BR-CAL.302 and includes a date window at 4:30. Both new watches’ outlet cases are water-resistant to 100 meters and feature nonreflective sapphire crystals over the dials. The Horolum is a limited edition of 500 pieces, priced at $3,400.

Japan’s Citizen has introduced three new models in its Promaster collection of professional-grade sports replica watches this year, one each for land, sea, and air. The “air” model is the latest version of the Citizen Promaster Skyhawk. Its large, 47-mm case is made of Citizen’s trademarked “Super Titanium,” an extraordinarily lightweight, scratch-resistant, hypoallergenic, and corrosion-resistant material that is five times harder and 40 percent lighter than stainless steel. Its black, analog-digital dial, with sky-blue highlights, was inspired by the coordinate axis on the radar screens found in airplane cockpits. Its multiple functions include a dual-time display, a 1/100-second chronograph, a perpetual calendar, two alarms, and a rotating slide rule bezel for calculating flight times. The watch, which comes with a Super Titanium bracelet with a Duratect coating, is driven by Citizen’s light-powered Eco-Drive Caliber U680, which runs for nearly 1.5 years on a full charge. The Promaster Limited Edition Super Titanium Skyhawk A-T is priced at $895 and limited to 5,000 pieces.