Replica vs. genuine Watch: is there any reason to overpay for the brand

Replica genuine WatchDo wealthy individuals wear cheap watches? Rather! Influential people’s philosophy of richness is totally different from the everyman’s imagination about luxury life. Journalists, which have spotted Roman Abramovich, the “governor of Chukotka” and the owner of the club Chelsea, who came to the London Court with the watch for 15$ (model Polar M61) have been shocked! And this is not the only one case of an ultimate simplicity demonstration along with multimillion opportunities. The founder of Microsoft Bill Gates was wearing 10 dollars Casio. Wrist watches of Lloyd Blankfein (head of Goldman Sachs), Mark Zuckerberg, Papa Francisco cost not more then 200$.

Those who own millions willingly buy clones of watches of famous Swiss brands like Hublot, Longines, Breguet, Breitling, Franck Muller, Montblanc and so on. According to managers of elite replica watches salons (for example online-shop Swiss Watch), people who earn every dollar with hard work, rarely spend money recklessly. Good duplicate allows you to really use your replica watch, not just to keep it in the strongbox. Rational American millionaire, who is normally wearing simple moccasins, shorts and t-shirt, unlikely will buy Rolex for the Limousine price or Omega watch covered in diamonds.

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According to common wisdom, there is no way ordinary person will understand the rich. That’s why oddities of moneybags aren’t appropriate for most of average people. But let’s be honest. Are there any reasons to fork out thousands of dollars only to buy the genuine Swiss watch if the high-end replica none the worse? Is prestige really worth that much money, when copies of exceptional quality are so much affordable?

It’s time for thriftiness and rationality: why people choose copies

Does it sound weird for you when the President of the Western European country uses public transportation? If not, then the topic about rationality is created just for you.

High-quality watch duplicates of Chanel, Chopard, IWC, Loius Vuitton, Rado, Tissot, Ulysse Nardin models are in excellent demand. By approximate expert’s calculation, there is only one sold-out Swiss genuine watch per up to few thousands of replicas. To the opinion of marketers, around 50% of the Swiss-made luxury watch’s price it’s just a bonus for the brand. And the greater is popularity of the manufacture, as well as its history, the more expansive is the original watch (there is a 25 million dollars Chopard Swiss watch fully covered in diamonds, for instance).

Those who are aware of prestige of various luxury replica watch series purposely search for duplicates. Officially clamed as AAA copies such as Audemars Piguet are like this:
• natural precious materials (metal, gemstones, leather, mineral glass, IPG or PVD plating);
• branded movement;
• accordance of the form, colour, construction, decoration, parameters of solidity;
• identity of options (nothing unnecessary, as well as nothing missed);
• logo on the case-back and inner plane parts;
• manual assembly.

Oversized relógios avaliaçãoJust like with replica original watches, there is also an experienced certified team of engineers and jewelers, which works on replica production, because it’s incredibly hard to re-create the complicated watch movement.
People without an appropriate qualification most likely won’t tell the difference between the clone watch and the real one, since in order to do this you need thoroughly inspect it by using special equipment.
But the main “prize” which is the happy owner of the branded replica obtains – vast economy. And then only you choose how to spend just saved thousands of dollars!