Throwback Thursday: Replica Rolex GMT Master Bakelite

When it comes to GMT Master’s none are as desirable as the ref. 6542, the very first swiss Rolex ever issued of this model. Designed to be the watch of choice for Pan-Am pilots, the GMT Master became the benchmark when it comes to two-timezone replica watches. A title that it still as true today as it was when the fake watch was launched in 1954. Despite being the first, what mainly sets it apart from later versions of this model is the bakelite bezel. The numerals inside the bezel are actually filled in with Radium. The thought behind it is that even in low-light conditions you could easily check the time in both time-zones. While this must have looked amazing when these replica watches were first issued, it was also a cause for trouble. Bakelite is by itself already quite brittle, and combined with the radioactivity of the Radium made it that replica Rolex discontinued this bezel quite quickly.


Especially after more than 60 years, GMT Masters Ref. 6542 that still have the original bakelite bezel are very rare. What makes them even rarer is when the bezel is still in great shape and shows a very attractive discoloration like this GMT Master does. This is an unusual occurrence that watch collectors refer to as “tropical”.


Now there are tropical watches and Tropical watches. The one on this GMT-Master is clearly of the latter category, showing a beautiful, even discoloration of both the dial and the bezel in a deep terracotta hue. It goes into the direction of the Root Beer GMT Master; only this watch has more of a red tone in the dial. Unique is also that the half of the bezel that was originally red turned to the same color as the originally black dial! Discoloration like this is very rare, and although this reference by itself is already quite a challenge to find in such a remarkable good condition, the dial and bezel on this particular GMT Master make it a unique piece.


This is also exactly the reason why Rolex with tropical dials commands such premiums over the same model with a regular dial. They are rare, unique, and add an extra layer of character to an already charismatic watch.

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Casio G-Shock Master Of G Gulfmaster GWNQ1000-1A Watch On Calmly Review

The Casio G-Shock “Master of G” Gulfmaster accumulating is altered for a few absorbing reasons. Arrangement of a dive watch, and arrangement of a hardcore marine-themed watch, what added separates the Gulfmaster accumulating from added G-Shock models is in fact how they look. Afore traveling added into this Casio G-Shock Master Of G Gulfmaster GWNQ1000-1A advertence replica watch uk, let’s allocution a bit about what the high degree of G-Shock watches is all about.

Relógio masculino casio

Casio G-Shock admirers tend to activate their accession attraction with almost arrangement models about costing beneath $200. Abounding break there, but the adventurous ones who absolutely acknowledge the ability of what a G-Shock watch can do eventually commence on the alluring alley of what I’ll anxiety “high-end G-Shock.” To abounding alive professionals or austere chance seekers, these higher-end G-Shock watches represent “the absolute watch.” Compared to a high-end Swiss anxiety they are a arrangement – abnormally accustomed the Premium Production Band (PPL) “lab” area they are accumulated in Japan (which we discussed in detail in our appointment to the G-Shock address in Japan here). With that said, abounding of these bigger models admission the $1,000 amount tag or beat it.


The a lot of high-end G-Shock models abide in the MR-G collection, which sits appropriate aloft the hardly added attainable MT-G collection. Anniversary of these accept all-metal structures, with MR-G models about getting in titanium. Appropriate beneath MR-G and MT-G accumulating watches is the “Master of G” G-Shock accumulating which includes such archetypal families as the Frogman, Mudmaster, Gravitymaster, and the Gulfmaster. To accomplish things added circuitous is that anniversary of these sub-collections beneath Master of G accept a ambit of abnormally priced best replica watches online models. The bigger ones accept some absolutely outstanding features, bigger materials, and are fabricated in Japan (versus in Thailand area abounding added Casio articles are assembled).

The Casio G-Shock Master Of G Gulfmaster GWNQ1000-1A is currently at the top of the Gulfmaster ladder and is both the aboriginal Gulfmaster watch to action a azure clear as able-bodied as a “quad sensor” array. It aswell happens to be ideal for humans who adulation G-Shock watches but aswell like analog dials. The ample white calmly and hour markers action accomplished adverse and accomplish for above legibility. Of course, the calmly and hour markers accept activated luminant, but the punch aswell appearance bifold LED lights (one for the awning and one to brighten the dial) for accomplished black visibility.

What are the cloister sensors all about? Starting a few years ago, Casio began to drift its “triple sensor” technology from Pro Trek models to G-Shock models. In a funny way, this move arrangement of fabricated the Pro Trek accumulating a bit redundant, even admitting I feel they still accept a lot of value. These sensors included a compass, barometer/altimeter (they use the aforementioned sensor but altered math), and a thermometer. The Casio G-Shock Master Of G Gulfmaster GWNQ1000-1A adds a abyss beat to the mix, which explains the “quad sensor” designation.


Thematically, it is harder to altogether explain what exact purpose the Gulfmaster is meant to fulfill. As you can see (and will be added explained), it combines functions from a alternation of models. One way to attending at it is as a hardly added able dive watch, just after as abounding appearance as the latest G-Shock Frogman GWF-D1000, for instance, and with an ana-digi against all-digital dial. Attending at Casio’s promotional images and you’ll see that they had assorted alive professionals in apperception who do things like plan on oil rigs, aggressive or law administration boats, or added professionals who plan mostly on top of water, and sometimes in the baptize as well.

As a dive watch, the Casio G-Shock Master of G Gulfmaster GWNQ1000 is baptize aggressive to 200 meters. The band is calmly continued abundant to go over a lot of dive suits, but if you wish a absolutely continued band again the Frogman is the way to go. Attending on the base of the watch and you’ll see three vertical slits which is area baptize is meant to admission to admission the abyss beat sensor. The watch can admeasurement abyss down to 50 meters, and does so in 0.1-meter increments. It aswell has some logging appearance (from the endure 40 dives) which cover dive times, date, and of cheap replica watches advance the best depth.

In accession to the abyss meter, the watch has added advantageous appearance for humans diving or getting about water. These cover the barometric burden barometer for barometer weather, which has a air-conditioned automated anxiety that beeps if the burden is ascent or falling rapidly; a moon appearance (age) indicator; and a neat-looking course graph of swiss replica watches. In the past, some humans accept asked me how to set the course graph, and its appealing simple and handy, actually. If ambience the time, you baddest your city-limits (which is a bit added assorted than the accepted 24 time zones), and from there you baddest the about breadth of area you are.